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Keep your food fresh, odor free & long lasting with the ever practical food hood.

A leftover smoothie bowl, your child's pasta, the party dip- on the run & no time to find a proper plastic container. (aluminum foil was so yesterday).

Pull out your Food Hood, pull it over the bowl and you’re off.  Use it again &again- throw it in the wash, dishwasher or handwash, use again, repeat.

 Comes in a set of 3: approx. 13, 18, 23 cm diameter.

 Outer Fabric: Vintage Cotton

 Inner Lining: ProCare ® Waterproof Fabric- Food safe, free of BPA, lead, pthalates etc.

 Washable by hand, machine, or some even say in the dishwasher. Air and dryer friendly too.

Handmade in Germany

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